M. J. Driscoll

M. J. Driscoll is Professor of Old Norse Philology at the Arnamagnæan Institute, a research centre within the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen. He holds degrees from the University of Stirling (BA (Hons.) 1979), Háskóli Íslands (Cand. mag. 1988), and Oxford University (DPhil 1994). His research interests span manuscript and textual studies, particularly in the area of late pre-modern Icelandic. His publications include over 50 articles on various aspects of pre-modern Icelandic literature, as well as editions and translations of a number of medieval and post-medieval Icelandic works.

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Shaping the Rings of the Scandinavian Fellowship
This volume of essays is a symbolic image of the current contacts between Lithuanian Scandinavianists and their fellow scholars around the globe. It is composed in the traditional academic genre of the Festschrift and is dedicated to Ērika Sausverde, the founder of Scandinavian studies in Lithuania...
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