Jurij Kusmenko

Jurij Kusmenko is Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Northern Europe at Humboldt University of Berlin and senior researcher at the Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. He received his PhD and habilitation (Dr. Habil.) at the Institute of Linguistics of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (1970); he is also Doctor Honoris Causa of Vilnius University (2011). Jurij Kusmenko has served as head of the Department for Comparative Study of the Indo-European Languages and Areal Linguistics at the Institute of Linguistics, St. Petersburg (1988–1994) as well as professor at the Institute of Northern Europe at the Humboldt University of Berlin (1994–2007). He has published over 140 articles and four books on the history of the Germanic languages, historical phonology and grammar of the Scandinavian languages, runology, history of Scandinavian linguistics, Sámi-Scandinavian and West Germanic-Scandinavian contacts.

Shaping the Rings of the Scandinavian Fellowship
This volume of essays is a symbolic image of the current contacts between Lithuanian Scandinavianists and their fellow scholars around the globe. It is composed in the traditional academic genre of the Festschrift and is dedicated to Ērika Sausverde, the founder of Scandinavian studies in Li..
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