Axel Holvoet

Axel Holvoet is Professor and Head of the Centre of General Linguistics at Vilnius University. His main domains of research are grammatical semantics and historical syntax, with a special emphasis on Baltic and Slavonic languages. He has published extensively about mood and modality, evidentiality, voice and grammatical relations, complementation, possessive constructions and many other subjects. Axel Holvoet has been awarded the Gold Cross of Merit by the Republic of Poland (2014), an Honorary doctorate of the University of Latvia (2014), and has held the title of a distinguished professor of Vilnius University since 2017.

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Bendrosios sintaksės pagrindai
Knygoje aptariamos pagrindinės sintaksinės analizės sąvokos - sintaksinė priklausomybė ir sandų struktūra, morfosintaksiniai ryšiai (derinimas ir valdymas), sintaksinių ir morfosintaksinių ryšių tarpusavio sąsaja, pradai ir priedai (pagrindiniai ir priklausomieji dėmenys), sintaksiniai ryšiai ir..
Shaping the Rings of the Scandinavian Fellowship
This volume of essays is a symbolic image of the current contacts between Lithuanian Scandinavianists and their fellow scholars around the globe. It is composed in the traditional academic genre of the Festschrift and is dedicated to Ērika Sausverde, the founder of Scandinavian studies in Lithuania...
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